Eutrophication is a global issue and it is also a problem on Sanibel Island.

Our goal is to help residents and businesses
become part of the solution.

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Your impact on the Island’s water quality begins in your backyard.

Activities like fertilizing your lawn adds excess nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus, to stormwater runoff and groundwater.

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These nutrients can then enter lakes, ponds, canals, the Sanibel Slough, and the Gulf.

As excess nutrients accumulate in the ecosystem, they can cause an unnatural increase in nutrient concentrations.

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Illustration of chemicals flowing through waterways.
Illustration of dead fish and merky water.

The excess nutrients stimulate the growth of algae and aquatic nuisance plants.

As a result, water clarity is decreased, availability of oxygen to aquatic organisms is limited, and fish die in large numbers.

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For additional water quality information visit Sanibel H2O Matters

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