2017 Golf Course Report Cards


The 2017 golf course report cards are here! In October 2008, in an effort to improve the quality of water discharged from Sanibel’s golf courses, City Council adopted a list of Nutrient Management Recommendations that were based on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the Enhancement of Environmental Quality on Florida Golf Courses (2008). These recommendations provide specific guidance for golf course managers on how to reduce fertilizer use and improve water quality within their respective golf course lakes. Since their adoption, City staff has worked closely with each golf course to provide technical assistance to help implement these recommendations.

To see how each golf course stacked up in 2017 and view what the courses have accomplished over the years please visit our website. Once on the webpage, please scroll down to the “Golf Course Fertilizer and Lake Management Recommendations Report Card Program” section: http://www.mysanibel.com/Departments/Natural-Resources/Protecting-Our-Water-Quality/Sanibel-H2O-Matters/On-Island-Water-Quality/On-Island-Water-Quality